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“The Armenian Insurrection and the Great War” by Dr. Pat Walsh and Dr. Garegin Pastermadjian “Armen Garo”

The Armenian Insurrection and the Great War” by Dr. Pat Walsh and Dr. Garegin Pastermadjian “Armen Garo” (A Cautionary Tale of Betrayal) ISBN 978-1-8722078-23-6 “Belfast Historical & Educational Society” 215 pages.

INTRODUCTION: For those who undertake wide ranging, below the surface and cross referenced research on the “genocide fanfare”, which has been popular only in the last fifty years, there are some logical questions. These are generally never asked or answered when debating a hundred or hundred and fifty years old historical events which are likely to have been forgotten long ago. The very important reality is that the genocide allegations relating to over a century old events do not stand on any reliable documentary evidence, i.e. official reports, past memorandums or correspondence and alike… They are usually based on grand-mother stories and personal hearsay; even than, not on dependable true eyewitness reports.

Generally they are relied on the names of a few scholars who do not read widely or who would not refer to any document that will not suit their objective. A very recent example amongst the academic papers is <“Final Report – September 2014” prepared by “Armenian Genocide Reparations Study Group,” who express their thanks for the grant of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. The study was chaired by Henry C. Theriault; the members were Alfred de Zayas, Jermaine McCalpin and Ara Papian. The name of the report is “Resolution with Justice –Reparations for the Armenian Genocide.” Complete report can be viewed at: http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2014/10/3489-resolution-with-justice.html!>. These writers seldom refer to books or documents of the relevant period, instead they rely on “persons who acknowledge generous grants”. So far, we know that all documents presented as historical evidence on this claim have been proven to be false, doctored or fabricated!

There are several names of “Armenian Heroes” who were the leaders of various revolutionary groups who committed murders, treacheries etc. They wrote books in their heydays, boasting about their bravery, relating to local revolutions, dedication to invading armies (Russian, French, British) and their extermination of the members of Muslim majority of the mother land. Such books or documents have been disappearing from main libraries and never brought to the attention or knowledge of the brainwashed diaspora. It should be noted that quite a number of Armenian dignitaries did not endorse the “revolutionary aims or tactics and tried to warn their people”, but they were disregarded or eliminated.

Dr. Pat Walsh is actually a historian who studied the Irish – British relations in the past two hundred years and discussed the Imperialist mistreatments of Catholic Irish people by the Protestant British. These mistreatments had brought many calamities on the Irish farmers and desolation to Irish people. After the 1840s, nearly one million Irish people immigrated to USA and in 1900s, the “Irish born” Americans constituted about 43% of all immigrants who were accepted into USA. Dr. Walsh was surprised to learn that there were great donations as money and five ships of grain by another country to Ireland during those bad days of starvations, while the British made no exceptions on the “potato they were taking as tax”. For other books by Dr. Walsh please refer to <http://drpatwalsh.com/about/publications/>

Armenian sources never mention the name of Hovannes Katchaznouni, the Prime Minister of the Dashnakist Armenian Republic (May 30, 1918 to mid-August 1919) who made a confession at the 1923 Bucharest Congress of their Party. He detailed how they had been misguided by promises, over estimation of their strength and in short, how and why they themselves caused the destruction of the Armenian People. This memorandum is written with political finesse, not mentioning much of their large crimes on Muslims: http://louisville.edu/a-s/history/turks/Katchaznouni.pdf. However, even this minimum frankness was not tolerated by the Dashnakists who are now in control of ANCA, diaspora and all the major movements for a century!

Garekin Pastermadjian (the Brave Armen) had the most remarkable life full of braveries for the Armenian Revolutionaries and their own people. He was born in 1868 in Georgia, but had his education in Istanbul and in 1896 he was one of the top leaders who raided the Ottoman Bank and took 160 persons as hostage for 48 hours (about 50 persons were killed by bombs and gun fire during the siege). The criminals were let free to go to France and Pastermadjian became a Doctor of chemistry in Switzerland. He returned to Tbilisi, setting up his own business. However, in the 1908 and 1913 Ottoman Parliamentary elections he was one of the 12 Armenians in the Parliament, representing Erzurum. He was offered a post in the cabinet which he turned down. While he was a Member of Parliament, he had organized a group of about 2000 cavalry Revolutionaries. Before WW-1 had started – for the Ottomans on November 2, 1915 – Pastermadjian and his forces were already on the Russian side of the border, offering their “guiding and reconnaissance services” to the Russian Army.

Garekin Pastermadjian and his two books depict him as ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS Armenian Revolutionary Leaders. In my books I tried to give some examples of his deeds which I had included in my :<http://armenians-1915.blogspot.com/2008/10/2610-genocide-lies-need-no-archives.html> paper in 2008 which hardly caught any outside attention.

I always felt somewhat unable of outlining the importance of this great Armenian Leader who was later made an ambassador to USA, playing an important role “in having USA recognize the young Armenian Republic”. He worked most actively and supported his claims with two excellent books in 1918, printed in Boston. After the surrender of the Ottoman Empire (Oct.30, 1918) he was one of the leaders to set up the “Nemesis Revenge Organization”. His endless efforts for the Armenian cause at the Paris and Lausanne Peace Conferences had no result and he died in Switzerland in 1923 by a heart attack in frustration!

Dr. Walsh has made a very unusual and clever move when writing this book. He took Garegin Pastermadjian as the co-author of his book. The contents and explanations given in detail leave no doubt about the treason of Armenian Revolutionaries and that even the Armenian Members of Ottoman Parliament were revolutionaries themselves in the service of the enemies and plotted against all the institutions of their home country. This example itself is sufficient to prove that the Ottoman Authorities had very good reasons and justifications to arrest about 235 Armenian dignitaries as late as April 24, 1915 and intern them in houses and prisons in Ankara – Cankiri region. Only this could enable them to stop their contacts with Armenian revolutionaries, the supporting Patriarchate and the British-French Anzac forces who were to land on Turkish soil the following night.

Dr. Walsh, instead of using one of the books of Pastermadjian; he copies and quotes verbatim the “Memorandum of Armenia and Her Claims to Freedom and National Independence” submitted by Senator Henry Cabot Lodge (Republican). He was always at odds with everything President Wilson (Democrat) was implementing, including his “fourteen points”, wish to organize League of Nations and anything that would not suit the American Independence. The Memorandum is dated December 15 or 23rd of 1919, and printed by the “Washington Government Printing Office, 1919.” Hence it is a document as strong and colossal as the Washington Monument. Why Turkish sources never used this “monumental document” has no explanation or excuse, other than exposing the “huge black holes of knowledge of Turkish scholars, writers and politicians” on this subject for a century.

The Memorandum details the Turkish Armenian Relations and causes of disagreement etc. Pastermadjian claims that out of 18.000.000 Ottoman population 2.100.000 were Armenians. This has no supporting evidence. We have a report prepared directly by the Joint French-Armenian Land Distribution Committee dated March 1, 1914, giving the total population as 1.280.000, confirmed by other official records which cite even lower figures. In 1912 the Armenian Patriarchate had declared the census as 1.425.000 Armenians. How this number was increased to 2.100.000 (despite claimed massacres, epidemics, starvation) should be explained by Armenians. More interestingly, there is in existence a clear map of the Armenian territorial claims from Eastern Black Sea coast cities down to the Mediterranean, including Alexandretta and Cilicia. Looking at today’s Turkey, one can easily see that Armenians claimed 40% of today’s Anatolia, “freed of all non-Christian elements” (in fact 80% of the settled people). We widely hear today that Turks killed 1.5 million Armenians during the relocation period (150 days which will average 10.000 killed every day, buried in stadium size graves, dug by some 5000 workers every day). No such graves were ever found or documented, nor any massacres eye witnessed by any neutral persons. Again the scholars and others claiming that 1.5 million were killed (out of 1.3 million), must explain which Armenians were to be settled in this huge area when they supposedly had already been annihilated. The NONSENSE of this Genocide palaver is not much different than hiding an elephant in a room.

Year 1919 has several important dates for the Armenian agenda. Some of these can be pinpointed chronologically as below:

  1. Armenian Republic founded on 28.5.1918 under Ottoman Protection, with special treaties but Armenian leaders such as Keri, Dro, Antranig refute the accord and continue their cleansings of Muslims in their regions.
  2. The Ottoman Empire surrenders on 30.10.1918; on the following month (30.11.1918) Armenia revokes the treaties, grabs Ardahan and Kars provinces with the permission of the British in Persia.
  3. Pastermadjian was sent as Ambassador to USA with a letter of the Patriarch in July 1918 to search for American aid and recognition; he edits two books in October 1918 in Boston.
  4. In late December 1918, Pastermadjian submits the Armenian claims to the US Senate through Mr. Lodge, which are fully quoted in the first part of the book.
  5. On Feb.26, 1919, the Armenian Delegation submits a Memorandum to Paris Peace Conference with similar requests signed by Aharonian and Boghos Nubar.
  6. Antranig arrives late for the Paris Conference, continues onto London; on June 19, 1919 a large conference is arranged with high praises of all the British dignitaries who had provoked Armenians in the first place!
  7. US send Captain Emory Niles and Arthur Sutherland in July 1919 to undertake a survey in the war struck zones http://louisville.edu/a-s/history/turks/Niles_and_Sutherland.pdf (U.S. National Archives Ref. 184.021/175) Constantinople, Aug. 16, 1919 entry gives details on Armenian atrocities and damages.

  8. General Harbord and a mission of about 40 people were ordered by the President on August 1, 1919 to organize a survey in Anatolia and Armenia, and prepare a report to supportAmerican mandate on Armenia.” The Mission travels for one month in the region, meets Mustafa Kemal, travels to Batum, Armenia and returns to Istanbul, preparing a very comprehensive report in late October 1919. Contrary to the expectations of the President and the Senate, he gives details of such a burden on USA for no justifiable reason or advantage whatsoever.
  9. Senator Lodge presents the Claims of Armenia to the US Senate in the second half of December 1919 which contradicts the findings and advice of General Harbord.
  10. General Harbord’s Report is presented by Mr. Lodge as late as mid-April 1920 to the US Senate.

Among the many “documented facts” there are three points Pastermadjian admits and which go unnoticed. The first point is that “250.000 Turkish Armenians were sent by Russians to Siberia”. We know from several sources that at least 250.000 – 300.000 Turkish Armenians had immigrated to Russia with the Russian Army. The U.S. Near East Relief Report gives this number as 500.000. This figure is confirmed by Russian records as well. When the Dashnakist Armenian Republic was founded (under Turkish protection on May 28, 1918) their population was 885.000 (instead of 500.000 Russian Armenians) which shows that about 385.000 (or less) Armenians were those who took shelter in Russia. After 30 months in December 1920 this population had dropped to 690.000, evidencing that 195.000 Armenians (mostly from Turkey) died in Armenia under the protection of their own government. This is never mentioned but the Soviet document by Armenian Historian stands open.

The second important point is that when Russians occupied Eastern Anatolia and Turkish Armenians who had taken refuge in Russia, the Russians permitted only about 25.000 to return. Russians did not trust Armenians and they were to settle Cossacks in the evacuated villages (to control Armenians).

The third important detail is that when Armenians left, they had left behind in bundles and boxes of their valuable items, duly labeled and evidenced by receipts because “they were to return when the war was won by the Ottomans”. All these boxes and bundles were stored inside an Armenian church or cathedral under lock and guard and no one was permitted to enter. However, when the Russian Commander General Kaledine enters the city and hears about these stored goods, he enters the cathedral and opens the boxes and bundles. He gets a few carts loaded for himself. After him, other officers share what was left. This became a “looting order” in the absence of museums of today.

After this self explanatory report of the “Armenian Ambassador to USA, Garekin Pastermadjian”, Dr. Walsh starts his “forensic style studies and explanations”. Let us not forget that several important points of this Pastermadjian’s Memorandum in the US Senate bears great similarity to the “Memorandum of Feb. 26, 1919, presented by the Armenian Delegation to the Paris Peace Conference”, co-signed by A. Aharonian and Boghos Nubar, representing the Armenian Republic.

These documents are never referred to by “G” scholars or defenders! They have never seen the League of Nations Official Gazette of Sept.21, 1929 in which this Organization affirms that 200.000 Armenians died in fights against Turks, in the service of the enemies. The elephant is under palavers.

Dr. Walsh starts his section of study, “A Cautionary Tale of Betrayal” and provides an excellent analysis not only of the “end result of Armenian victimization claims” but also going back to the earlier revolutions, the effect of American Missionaries, the very strong British destabilization and the concessions they had to make to Russia when sharing the Ottoman Empire, “because Britain needed land forces which they did not have”. They controlled all seas and oceans, but needed man power so they finally promised Istanbul and Bosporus to Russia, while they were going to keep the Dardanelles Straight for themselves. The information and references Dr. Walsh has included “in this forensic study of historical facts” are all new and coherent.

I do not know which persons or authorities will thank Dr. Walsh for this concise, double or triple cross checked excellent study. Dr. Walsh surprised me with another act by dedicating this valuable study to my name. This may be because of my age or my highlighting this very important Armenian hero in some of my writings. Thank you Dr. Walsh for your monumental contribution to the “G” history!

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