FACTS IN TURCO-ARMENIAN HISTORY (FTAH) is a site on which the true facts regarding Turkish and Armenian history can be openly and frankly discussed. The originators of the site are affiliated to and supported by the Federation of Turkish Associations (FTA) in the UK. We feel deeply concerned at the conflict and animosity our common history has generated and how it is now being passed down from generation to generation. We wish to promote a common understanding of past events among all parties in order to seek and encourage all opportunities for peace and reconciliation between our communities in every part of the world.


So much has been written and said over the last 100 years that truth has become confused with propaganda, fact with fiction. For all parties, it is important to distinguish between the two so that responsibility for past and current events can be properly assessed. The background to the events of 1915 is complex and it is clear there were significant losses of life in the Ottoman territories in both the Armenian and Turkish ethnic communities.


The events and the issues they give rise to fall into many different categories which are addressed in various sub-sections of the website, and we intend that each of these will be added to as our collective research continues.


  • The HISTORICAL CONTEXT – looking at the strong role Armenians played in the Ottoman Empire and the growing tensions on the Eastern border in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • The ‘FACTS’ relating to and arising from the events of 1915:

o    the aspirations of the Armenian separatists and the encouragement and support provided by Russia and the Western powers;

o    the role played by Armenians in the Russian Army during the attack on the Ottoman Empire in the East;

o    the local violence that occurred between Armenian, Turkish and Kurdish communities in the Eastern Ottoman Empire;

o    an assessment of the losses of life incurred by all communities prior to the decision to relocate the Armenian population to the south;

o    an assessment of the losses of life incurred  to Ottoman Turks by the Armenians who joined the Russian army;

o    the rationale for and intent of the Ottoman decision to relocate the Armenian population in the East;

o    the quantification of Armenian citizens in the Ottoman Empire who were displaced and subject to relocation;

o    the resources available to the Ottoman military during the relocation;

o    the causes of the depredations on the Armenians;

o    an assessment of the loss of life incurred to the Armenian population as a result of the forced relocation;

o    an assessment of the loss of life that occurred immediately after the establishment of the First Republic of Armenia;

o    Ottoman court-martials in 1919, British deportation of Ottoman officers to Malta, details of investigations that took place after the Great War, and the legal findings that followed.

  • A listing of PRIMARY SOURCES consisting primarily of historical research and commentaries, discussing the validity and quality of the materials they contain.
  • An analysis of the LEGAL CONSEQUENCES attributable to the Ottoman State in relocating the Armenian population in the East.
  • Details of EVENTS SINCE 1915, showing the way our communities have been divided and polarised by political lobbying, hate crimes and assassinations.
  • The legal definition of ‘HATE CRIME’ and the way it is undermining the right of all communities to live in peace and harmony with others.
  • The validity of state laws CRIMINALISING ‘GENOCIDE DENIAL’.
  • NEWS OF CURRENT ACTIVITIES (conferences, book launches, research and other efforts) to disseminate factual information and to promote mutual understanding and reconciliation.
  • NEWS OF POLITICAL INITIATIVES to address the ongoing tension between the communities.